O Universal LionChief Remote Controller

O Universal LionChief Remote Controller

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Lionel O LionChief 6-83071 Universal LC/LC + Remote Controller

Running multiple locomotives has never been easier! Use this single remote to operate any of your LionChief Plus locomotives. Your need for multiple remotes are a thing of the past.
It's that simple.
Choose to run one, two, or three locomotives at any time using a single Universal remote!

Control any existing or future O Gauge LionChief Plus locomotive
Control most O Gauge Ready-to-Run LionChief set locomotives
Control any existing S Gauge FlyerChief locomotive
Load and operate up to three locomotives remote at any one time
Choose between any one of the three engines with the simple
3-button control
LED Illumination on 1-2-3 buttons when pressed
On/Off Switch to preserve battery power
Remote "Train Memory" preserves current speed and direction of engine when toggling operation between different locomotives
Even after power down and restarting remote retains memory of the specific engines loaded in system
"Easy Clear" feature allows you to quickly remove and add new locomotives into remote memory as needed
Forward and reverse speed control knob
Additional buttons for whistle sound, bell, special announcements, and ElectroCoupler(TM) activation
Requires three AAA alkaline batteries (not included)