Garden Railroading & Stainless Steel Track

EXCLUSIVE from HR Trains & Toys, Inc.
The World's Best All Weather Track

~Shaped like real rails, not round like most model railroad rails~


This track is especially suited to the harsh Florida sun, high humidity, and salt air. The rails are very hard and resistant to wear caused by heavy use. The track is available in 10’ straight sections, and is bendable into as many as ten "larger than normal" radiuses of sectional track. This allows for smooth operation of long locomotives (live steam, for example) and rolling stock (like "heavyweight" cars).

The rail is code 332 and is the same height as most popular brands, and the distance between the rails is 45mm, making it compatible with virtually all #1 gauge, or "G" scale trains. You can run locomotives and rolling stock from Marklin #1 gauge, and Maxi, on the same track with LGB, Lionel, Bachmann and others. The Stainless Steel Track is available exclusively through HR Trains as part of our Heritage Railroad Collection.

Flex Track allows for long sections of track without joints for very smooth running and great electric conductivity. These long sections also allow long sweeping curves without track joints, which helps to reduce wheel wear caused by the joints of sectional track. Power can be fed directly through the Stainless Steel Rail Clamps, eliminating the need for a special track section for that purpose. Flex Track pricing includes two rails, 10 sleepers (ties), and 2 Stainless Steel Split Jaw Rail Clamps - Everything necessary to assemble the track.

Our Rail Bender is made from a solid piece of Stainless Tool Steel with a total weight of over eleven pounds. This precision rail bender is equipped with Rollers which themselves are machined from Roller Bearings. These Roller Bearings allow for very smooth ease of operation without making any marks on the side of the rails the way as some other benders do. Rails are bent in the upright position to make it easier to orient the rails to the area they will go in your layout.

There is a large flat surface on either side of the rollers that helps to prevent twisting of the rails during the bending process. The bender also has a large knurled adjustment knob, which makes it easy to get the job done quickly and accurately. Although our bender is designed to use with our own Stainless Steel Rail it will work very nicely with most other rails made with a code .332-height specification.