O Walthers Mainline Sante Fe Box Cars

HO Walthers Mainline Sante Fe Box Cars

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Make your postwar freight trains more colorful in minutes with these limited-edition sets of WalthersMainline Santa Fe 40' Pullman-Standard PS-1 Boxcars. Hundreds of these cars joined the ranks starting in 1947, wearing the biog, bold "Ship and Travel" slogan on one side, and promoting one of four premiere streamliners on the other. These special sets include four cars with different numbers, one each lettered for the Super Chief, El Capitan, Grand Canyon Line and The Chief. Other features include:
Based on early postwar cars built from 1947 to 1949 and seen coast-to-coast - with some in service to late 1980s Prototype details include: - Pullman-Standard ends (no rectangles) - Pullman-Standard bowtie roof w/flat panel - See-through Apex steel running board - 6' Superior doors
Correct 33" RP-25 metal wheelsets
Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers