O LionChief Budweiser Delivery Set

O LionChief Budweiser Delivery Set

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Lionel O LionChief Budweiser Delivery Train Set
Taking a modern approach on what we think a Budweiser Delivery Train might look like, we are introducing a Tier 4 Diesel Set inspired by the delivery trucks you see on the road today. With the red, white and blue color story and bold design, this set is sure to stand out on your layout!

Budweiser ET44 Diesel locomotive
Three Budweiser Hi-cube boxcars
Eight pieces of O36 curved FasTrack
Two FasTrack 10" straight track sections
One LionChief FasTrackTerminal section
One Plug-Expand-PlayPower Lock-on section
Wall-pack power supply
LionChief remote for locomotive

Electric locomotive controlled by included LionChief� remote, LionChief Universal
Remote (sold separately) or Bluetooth� LionChief app
RailSounds RC� sound system with diesel revving and background sounds, horn, bell, and user-activated announcements
On/off switch for sound
Operating directional headlight
Two powerful maintenance free motors
Operating couplers
Illuminated cab interior