N FEF-3 UP Freight Version 4-8-4 #838

N FEF-3 UP Freight Version 4-8-4 #838

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Kato N 4-8-4 FEF-3 Steam Locomotive Freight Version #838

Union Pacific #838 (Freight Version; Flat Black, Graphite)

The most recognizable and famous UP Steam Locomotive, the FEF (Four-Eight-Four) is recreated in this detailed model.

Features include a number of revolutionary design innovations, including a coreless motor with dual flywheels for silky-smooth side-rod operation at any speed (even a slow crawl), inside bearing wheels (where appropriate), and a special articulated undercarriage on the unique, 14-wheel Tender to allow the locomotive to navigate 11" 282mm curves.

DCC ready to accept the drop-in decoder of your choice, sold separately.