HO Standard Cupola N&W Caboose Rd #51867

HO Standard Cupola N&W Caboose Rd #51867

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HO Atlas Standard Cupola Caboose Ready to Run Norfolk & Western Road # 518672

The Atlas Standard-Cupola Caboose is based on steel cars that brought up the markers on trains coast to coast.

On these cars the raised cupola allowed crewmembers to see over the tops of freight cars.

Each Standard-Cupola Caboose features an injection-molded body, fine end railings, applied details as appropriate, accurate decoration, roller-bearing caboose trucks and AccuMate(R) magnetic knuckle couplers.

Standard-Cupola Cabooses have been common sights on railroads from the transition era to the 1980s and a few are still in use for switching and backup moves in 2018.