HO PRR Old-Time Baggage Car

HO PRR Old-Time Baggage Car

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HO Bachmann Old Time Wood Baggage with Round-End Clerestory Roof

Pennsylvania Railroad (Tuscan)

This Bachmann Silver Series(R) ready-to-run Old-Time Wood Baggage Car with Round-End Clerestory Roof is perfect for your 1860s and later steam-era passenger trains.
Based on typical open-vestibule wood cars built between the 1860s and 1880s these are the cars used behind 4-4-0 American steam locomotives of the era and some operated into the early 20th century on smaller railroads.
The Baggage Car featured two freight doors and an empty interior where packages and small freight shipments were handled.
A lightly-traveled short-haul or branchline local carrying only a few passengers could be operated with a locomotive, this car and a combine which had seating for a few passengers.
This Old-Time Wood Baggage Car features a finely decorated molded-plastic body with a rounded clerestory roof end, blackened metal wheels, body-mounted E-Z Mate(R) Mark II knuckle couplers and nonmagnetic axles.