HO GMD F59PH LokSound and DCC
HO GMD F59PH LokSound and DCC

HO GMD F59PH LokSound and DCC

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Ho Rapido Trains GMD F59PH - LokSound and DCC
Chicago Metra #98 (2017; blue, black, orange, red; U.S. Flag)
The Rapido Trains HO Scale GMD F59PH diesels are based on popular passenger locomotives constructed in Canada for use on commuter railroads across the continent. In the mid-1980s, GO Transit was looking to replace its aging loco fleet with power designed to meet growing demand for Toronto area commuter service.
The new diesels needed quick acceleration, while pulling up to 10 Hawker-Siddeley-UTDC bi-level coaches, and to save on fuel, a separate HEP generator. GMD developed the F59PH. It was equipped with a turbocharged 12-cylinder two-stroke diesel prime mover (12-710G3A), a full-width North American comfort cab and HEP provided by a smaller 600hp GM 8-cylinder diesel.