HO E-Z 9" Straight Rerailer 2PK

HO E-Z 9" Straight Rerailer 2PK

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Scale: HO

Bachmann 44528 HO E-Z 9" Rerailer (2-Pack)

Product Information:

Nickel silver track and gray roadbed; 2/card

This rerailer is designed to correct derailments that sometimes occur during normal railroad operations. It can also be used to help properly align wheels on the track when assembling a train for operation.

If you want to use the rerailer to help place cars on the track, you should install it so that it is easily accessible. Otherwise, it should be installed after a difficult section of track (turnout, crossing, "S" curve, etc.) where derailments may occur.

Also available in the E-Z Track system is a 9" Straight Terminal Rerailer if you need a rerailer with a power connection.
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