The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Track in the Garden

What is stainless steel track?

Stainless steel track is manufactured for H7R trains by TDV of France. It is a very high quality track that needs very little maintenance in comparison to its brass counterparts.

It has the same rail profile as real track which is used by the real railroads in France and other countries around the world. The rail height is the same as most other manufacturers (code 332), making it compatible with other brands or your existing track.

Why use stainless steel?

Stainless steel will not oxidize the way brass, or aluminum does, and therefore requires much less maintenance. It is also a very hard metal and will last much longer under heavy usage than the alternatives.

When should you use stainless steel on your garden railroad?

It makes good sense to use stainless steel track anywhere that your railroad is exposed to the elements. It will allow you more time to enjoy your railroad and spend less time cleaning track.

Where can I get stainless steel track for my garden railroad ?

H7R Trains is the exclusive importer of this innovative track. This allows us to keep the cost for the consumer at a very reasonable level.

How can you justify the higher cost of this this superior product?

Cost is a relative thing, and I suppose if you want the best, you can expect to pay a little more. There are many innovative features that are built into this track that are designed to help make your railroading experience more pleasant.

You will spend many more hours enjoying your railroad without the drudgery of polishing away oxidation as you must do with brass or aluminum track. In fact, you should never use an abrasive cleaner such as a bright boy, or sandpaper to clean this track.

The only cleaning that is necessary is to remove industrial pollution, dirt, and possibly oxidation that is deposited on the track from the wheels of the locomotive and rolling stock. This can easily be done with a garden hose, and your back in business. You could also use a center line cleaning car with smoke fluid, or goo by gone, but that's it. No expensive radio control battery operated cars to recharge, no expensive cleaning locomotives, and no more time on your hands and knees with a cleaning block.

Power is applied to the track through a special power feed track. This allows the wires to enter the end of the ties or sleepers making them almost invisible. The wires are secured with stainless steel screws that transfer power to the track by way of a stainless steel strap that is welded to each rail. This makes a very nice installation without all the problems associated with other types of installations.

The rail joiners are so innovative that they were issued a worldwide patent for their design. They incorporate a slot that allows water and debris to drain out the bottom. The joiner also incorporates a ramp or wedge that applies a constant pressure to the bottom of the rails. This allows a more positive electrical connection than any other rail joiners. They fit tight weather it is the first time, or the one hundredth time that the track is put together.

The plastic is treated with a very high level of UV protection which has stood the test of time in Florida, the desert Southwest, California, and all across the northern states.

The track comes in both sectional track and flex track. There are over ten different radiuses available along with straight track in a variety of lengths up to ten feet.

This track has been used all over the world by theme parks, restaurants, retail stores, and private individuals. We believe that it is the best track available at any price, and so do all who have used it.

We have tested the track out in our garden here at HR Trains for over five years, and have not had to clean it yet. The natural cleansing of our occasional afternoon rain shower, or an occasional dousing by the sprinkler system in the garden has kept it running trouble free.

We have even produced a video, "Look What's Growing in the Garden" to help you every step of the way from design to the finished garden railroad.

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