Vendor Spotlight: Sharisse with Goulds Travel

Sharisse Cruise & Rail Travel Specialist

Sharisse with Goulds Travel will be displaying different rail journeys from Amtrak Vacations, Railbookers, and Rocky Mountaineer. 

Stop by her table at the train show to plan your next rail trip! Want to start planning today? No worries. Email Sharisse at to start planning as early as right now. 


Amtrak celebrates 50 years.

HO EMD E8 Amtrak Cab 4316




Christmas Light Express LionChief Set
Available for preorder!

Come check out the Christmas Light Express on display in our store! You will definitely want to put in your preorder in before you leave. 



O FasTrack Lighted Terminal Track Pack


Lionel Fastrack 0-36 Curve 4/PK Lighted