November is here! Product Spotlights just for you!

You know that feeling, right? That feeling when everything is at your fingertips...that feeling of endless possibility and limitless exploration? We had a visit from Kamden this week and we just wanted to share his excitement with you! Come back any time, Kamden! 

That time of year is just around the corner! Toot! Toot! It's time to celebrate family and friends, young and old... and inspire the passions that drive them! HR Trains and Toys is stocked and ready. We really look forward to helping you make your choices. If have questions about something you see online, just give us a call, and we'll be happy to help you! 

O UP Vision Big Boy #4024 Legacy

O UP Excursion 21" 4 Car Pass.Set

O Lionel Christmas Bobber Caboose

O Snow Covered Christmas Tree Flat Car

O Olde Tyme Christmas Freight Pack





Our 75th Train Show Slide Show

After gathering all the images and video from our crew, we present to you the 75th Train Show and next year's 76th Train Show dates are revealed.





Santa will be making his first stop to HR Trains & Toys Inc! Come on by November 26, 2023, for the traditional photo with Santa. Then followed by Santa reading the Polar Express under the stars.

Take Photos with Santa:
11am -4pm
Cookies & Punch

The Reading of the Polar Express:
5:45 pm - 7:00 pm

Arrive around 5:45 pm to get some cookies and hot chocolate. Then grab your spot with your little engineers under the stars. Santa returns at 6:00 pm. Then the reading begins with opportunity to take photos with Santa after the event.



It is that time of year to start setting up your train if you have not yet. If you unpack your train and if is not running do not panic. We will do what we can do to help get your train running for the holidays.

Common complications:

1) Like a car when it is not run for long periods of time, it may need oil.

2) Although the track has been packed up for some months now, it may need cleaned.

3) The train itself may need cleaned.

However, other issues can happen. If a train requires a part to be ordered, we will do our best in getting it in as quick as possible. The holidays do sometimes cause hiccups and delays in the delivery of these items. We always hope that we can have everyone's trains running for the holidays!

Click here to meet our repair staff and to see what our repair department is all about.