Manufacturer Spotlight & Product Spotlight!

Our train show would not be the same if it were not for the amazing manufacturers behind the products we use and love in our displays and even in our homes. Stacy and Gale Cousins will be at our show featuring New and Hot selling products from Marklin, Trix and LGB. Below are some great items currently available in our store.



HO Class Ce 6/8 II
Crocodile Electric

My World Batman
Starter Passenger Set





LGB Christmas Starter Set 120V


G LGB Amtrak Diesel Locomotive w/Sound



As you may already know, our inventory is always changing!
Here are a few more items that came in the collection this week!


LGB 2061 Diesel Loco Red Switcher


G Peter Witt Street Car Chicago

G LGB 20680 Rail Truck Powered

LGB Track Cleaning Diesel Engine #2067