HAY! Yes HAY! Check out this week's new arrivals! Add fall to your layout!

Hey! How about some hay for your layout to go with that pumpkin patch.
With fall right around the corner it only makes sense to have some great fall scenery available. Check out these great options and more online or in our store. 

HO Hay Bales 35/PK

O Corn Stalks 28/PK 2" Height

O Pumpkins 2-1/2" Length, 6/PK

MRC Tech 7 Dual DC Power Pack
MRC Railpower 1300 Model Train Controlle


If you have been to our previous clinics at our train shows, you have probably seen the Hot Wire Foam Factory tools at work. The tools are great for shaping mountains, tunnels, terrain, and much more. Come to our 74th train show to see how you can use these tools to help create your very own train layout. 
Hot Wire Foam Factory tools are available for purchase in our store and through our online shop. 
Crafters 3-inch Hot Knife Kit
Industrial Knife, 4" and 6" Blade Kit