Fall is almost here!

Fall is almost here and so is our train show! Stop in today to get all the products you need for your own layout at home. Whether your layout will be made of building kits, scratch built buildings or pre-built buildings, we have what it takes to bring your layout together.

This week's product spotlight has some great buildings and structures that can help save some time in the details of a layout. We're also featuring some wonderful items for your little engineer to add onto their very own Marklin MyWorld model railroad!


O Miss Molly's Diner Built-&-Ready

HO My World Freight Loading Station



Our train show is not just a friendly competition but a way to show different levels of expertise and details. You might look at the layouts and wonder how you could do the same thing. At our show, you will be able to learn not only how to start the layout with the base for the terrain but also how to add the look of real grass with static grass.

Below are some of Woodland Scenics products that help create the real look of grass.